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Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy

It is the goal of AutoGroup international Pvt Ltd to manage our environmental impact and create a safe and healthy work place for employees, customers and the public and to continuously improve our performance and profitability.

We intend to fulfill these responsibilities, as far as is practical, through the application of our Quality Management System.

This will guide and inform our efforts to:

  • Appoint a responsible representative of management to review communicate, implement and maintain responsibilities for Environmental Management and OH&S
  • Encourage staff consultation, cooperation and participation in all environmental and occupational health and safety related matters
  • Provide sufficient training and information to employees and customers to allow the use of products, services and equipment safely and responsibly
  • Provide employees and customers with leadership and supervision in related
  • Environmental and OH&S management issues
  • Identify and control safety hazards and related risks
  • Upgrade machinery and work processes to safer and more efficient standards
  • Minimize our consumption of materials and energy
  • Provide and maintain procedures and work practices for housekeeping, operations and maintenance consistent with good OH&S
  • Dispose of waste responsibly
  • Stringent control of our approved Quarantine facility to AQIS standards and safe and correct disposal of quarantine waste
  • Provide sufficient resources to implement, audit and maintain our
  • Environmental and OH&S controls and systems
  • Provide rehabilitation for injured staff
  • Continually review our legal compliance and improve the effectiveness of our Environmental and OH&S controls and systems
  • To ensure the effectiveness of this policy and of the entire Management System, staff, and interested parties are encouraged to report all health and safety hazards and risks to management.