Right hand drive Dodge Challenger

Amongst the many American SUVs, Pickup trucks and Muscle cars that Autogroup International convert from left-hand drive to right-hand drive there remains a firm crew favorite… When you consider that over three decades we have converted 4500+ vehicles – it is the iconic styling, brute power and the thundering rumble of a Dodge Challenger that draws the most admiration.

Right-hand drive 2023 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Widebody ‘Swinger’ Special Edition

Across the right-hand drive muscle car spectrum of Dodge Chargers and Chevrolet Camaro – we convert 10x Challengers to right-hand drive and these are exported to our 40x countries worldwide!

With a startling 18x different trim levels across the Dodge Challenger range from the entry level level SXT through to the now iconic Demon 170… There is a Dodge Challenger for everyone and that is before you optionally send your Challenger to the high performance tuning wizards at Hennessey Performance for the H1000 (1000 horsepower) treatment!

Right-hand drive Dodge Challenger by Autogroup International

With 30-years of right-hand drive Muscle Car conversion experience and hundreds of our right-hand drive muscle cars on the streets worldwide, the team at Autogroup International has the engineering capability and production experience to be able to convert a Dodge Challenger to right-hand drive – safely, legally and perfectly!

Our engineering and conversion experience becomes exponentially more critical as you move up to the SRT Hellcat, SRT Super Stock and the Demon 170 models as their high performance engines and massive horsepower dictates precision engineering and design work as the vehicles are converted to right-hand drive. This is where Autogroup International team of 30+ engineers come into play.

Right hand drive Dodge Challenger by Autogroup International

The sourcing team at Autogroup International is still able to source brand new Dodge Challengers and we are also able to convert older Dodge Challengers – to the dream is still available if you want to own a right hand drive Dodge Challenger – the ultimate muscle car!

Dodge Challenger by Autogroup International