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Silverado Right Hand Drive Steering Rack

Autogroup International continues to develop new products like this new right hand drive S2017 Silverado steering assembly which mains original factory EPS motor so the steering response and feel is the same when it was left hand drive. The commitment to ongoing development has continued over the past 25 years and we will continue to use our ISO attitude for better and better products.

Cadillac Escalade Right Hand Drive Steering Rack

Autogroup International does it again with the first 2017 right hand drive Cadillac Escalade steering rack – a work of engineering design, testing, prototyping to come to the final product pictured in component level fully functioning will matched specifications and torque setting as per the original. This is yet another example of what is behind every vehicle we do – improvement with the highest standards.

Chevrolet Silverado Right Hand Drive Steering Box

Autogroup International leads the world in manufacturing the first right hand drive steering box for the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado for right hand drive conversion providing better than factory specifications to insuring matched performance and steering control and driver feedback.

Camaro right hand drive steering rack 2017

Autogroup International introduces another first in the right hand drive conversion of the Camaro 2017 models
with the full right hand drive EPS steering rack that provides perfect matched feedback, torque settings and
design materials as per the original Camaro steering rack. Design in house by our own staff of skill engineers.

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