Dodge Charger


Leading the world market with Right Hand Drive vehicle production – Autogroup International are offering the Right Hand Drive Dodge Charger. All trim options and factory motor options are available for delivery to your country.

This vehicle provides USA Muscle car styling with the added benefit of rear doors and a full size back seat. 290-707Hp packages are all available plus a range of unique exterior colours and styles. Our right hand drive conversion system replaces the original left hand drive system with new components to give the drive a factory right hand drive feel without sacrifice. Our attention to detail on our vehicles goes down to the finest of details including the stitching on the leather clad dash panel.

dodge charger
dodge charger


A family car that packs a punch!!!! A right hand drive Charger Hellcat will ensure that you not only arrive to your destination in record time, but that you also stand out from the crowd.
Boasting 707 tyre shredding horsepower the right hand drive hellcat never disappoints. A 6.2L Supercharged Hemi is at the heart of the Hellcat and just the same as with its close cousin, the Challenger Hellcat, the true potential is unlocked with the one little red key.
Riding on 20 inch alloy wheels, stopped by six piston Brembo Brakes and supported by an adjustable dampening system with multi link rear suspension. The Charger smooths out the roughest of roads while gripping the road like glue when you need to put the pedal down.

dodge charger


The Challenger is packed with tech, including many available options such as; Apple carplay, keyless start, electronically adjustable drive modes, adaptive cruise, electronic power steering and much more

dodge charger


A popular option for customers in regions that apply import taxes on engine size is the 3.6L V6, an engine that suits well for aftermarket superchargers while providing great fuel economy.

2016 Dodge Charger


Our Dodge Charger steering conversion uses a range of new components, all designed to result in a factory feel, right hand drive car. The processes that are used have been developed by our company, both in Sri Lanka and our head office in Australia.

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