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Autogroup International sets the standard for exceptional service


Right Hand Drive USA origin vehicles is our business, We have been converting these vehicles from the the Left hand drive to the right hand drive for over 25 years. We provide a workable solution to those people, Who want a vehicle that is not manufactured from the Factories of Chevrolet, Cadillac, Ford, Chrysler to name. But a few to the right hand drive.

Autogroup International TECH

We use technology (3D scanning, Rapid Proto Typing) matched with the highly skilled Engineers and tradesman. To develop and document every single step to ensure full COP (conformity of Production). In other words, We do the process for each vehicle the same every time and in full compliance with the Australian Motor Vehicles standards. These standards are highly regarded all over the world and this combined with ISO ensures a great product that is safe for you and your family.

Right Hand Drive 2015 Ford F-150

Design of a right hand drive vehicle starts with our engineers. Who have various backgrounds in either Automotive, Materials, Aerospace, production and Plastics engineering. The combination of Engineering working closely with the Technicians and conformity of production. Allow us to test and develop the new models quickly and accurately. Right hand drive conversion of the motor vehicles provides challenges our staff thrive on.

AutogroupInternational Workshop TRAINING

Our staff have extensive in house training, It starts with training on what ISO standards means and why we use this to guide our business practice.
Our recruitment process is intense and only selects the best candidate with full qualifications, Motor mechanics, Welders, Paints and Plastic moulders through to our stores staff. Everyone at the Autogroup International understands the importance of ISO certification and how it helps the company and themselves.

future commitment

Over the past 25 years, Motor vehicles have improved in so many ways and we have moved with technology. Our support in all areas of technology and equipment and process control. Allows us to produce a quality motor vehicle that performs as, if it were from the factory. Quality that ensures your driving experience is second to none.



Celebrating 25 years in business, With over 135 staff and sending vehicles to over 30 countries. Is a great effort and a culmination of quality workmanship and technological advances.
I am very proud of the efforts of my staff, over the past years in making our company known around the world.
Our philosophy is a simple approach of good products and good friendly service, It stands the test of time.
When you make a decision to purchase a vehicle you will have no regrets with the choice of Autogroup International. And our family will ensure you and your family are in safe hands.

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