From Hummer to Hummer EV SUV – 20 Years of Right-Hand Drive Conversions Unveiled

From Hummer to Hummer EV SUV – 20 Years of Right-Hand Drive Conversions Unveiled

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Initial Foray into RHD Conversions

Autogroup International completed its first right-hand drive conversion of a GMC Sierra pickup truck for the Australian market, which was the genesis of the business today that now boasts 200+ team members, a trusted reputation for quality and integrity, and ships vehicles to 40+ countries worldwide – all with full homologation and ISO 9001:2014 Quality Assurance.


The first right-hand drive Hummer H2

When General Motors launched the left-hand drive H2 Hummer in 2002 based upon the iconic military-inspired H1 (Humvee) model the world took notice and Autogroup International swiftly began production of the right-hand drive H2 Hummer and exported them worldwide.


The H3 Hummer enters the market

The release of the slightly smaller H3 Hummer pushed demand even higher with Autogroup International producing right-hand drive Hummer H3 and exporting hundreds throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and beyond. Many of the right-hand drive H2 and H3 Hummer’s still around today were converted by Autogroup International.

  • Engineering Excellence: The transformation begins with meticulous vehicle inspection and research, followed by the intricate design and engineering phase. Autogroup International’s team of skilled engineers specializes in various aspects of the conversion process, including mechanical, electrical, and plastics engineering, as well as reverse engineering and prototyping.
  • EV Conversion Experience: Autogroup International’s Engineering and R&D team have always led the way from the emerging Hybrid vehicles in the late 2010s and recently reinforced with the world’s first right-hand drive conversion of the Toyota Tundra Hybrid, the Ford F-150 Lighting, and now the Hummer EV SUV.
  • Quality and Compliance: Manufacturing and quality assurance are pivotal, with over 700 to 1000 newly crafted parts ensuring the integrity of each vehicle. The conversions not only meet but exceed ADR compliance and homologation standards, allowing for legal import into over 40 right-hand drive countries. This adherence to compliance is complemented by a 3-year global warranty, aligning with OEM warranties.
  • Global Reach and Customization: Autogroup International caters to a diverse clientele, shipping converted vehicles to a global market spanning over 40 countries. Customization options are vast, allowing customers to tailor their Hummer EV SUVs with innovative features like Watts to Freedom mode and Crabwalk mode, enhancing the driving experience to suit personal preferences.


In the realm of global automotive sales, the Hummer brand has etched its name with notable significance, particularly with the right-hand drive (RHD) H2 and H3 models. These vehicles have not only conquered the North American market but have also made a substantial impact overseas.  They remain iconic in terms of appeal in popular culture and to this day always gain attention when seen on the roads.

The electric right-hand drive Hummer EV SUV, with its innovative design, advanced EV Battery technology, and incredible performance, is poised to build on this legacy, expanding the brand’s global reach and catering to the evolving preferences of consumers seeking high-performance electric vehicles.

The RHD 2024 Hummer EV SUV represents a significant evolution for the legendary Hummer brand, merging rugged capabilities with sophisticated electric technology. Anticipating strong worldwide demand, Autogroup International‘s commitment to flawless right-hand drive conversions has placed them at the forefront of industry trends. By offering such monumental vehicles to a diverse clientele, including pioneering the world’s first RHD Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck, they remain at the helm of global automotive transformation. The Hummer EV SUV is set to redefine expectations, proving that storied heritage and modern progression can coexist within the expansive vision of this proven industry leader.

Autogroup International has the right-hand drive 2024 Hummer EV SUV in full production in its multi-million dollar conversion facility in Sri Lanka with units shipping to Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the United Kingdom, and into African markets.