Right-hand drive conversion kits – Why they don’t exist!


Right-hand drive conversion kits – Why they don’t exist!

Autogroup International: The Leaders in Right-Hand Drive Conversions

Converting a vehicle from left-hand drive (LHD) to right-hand drive (RHD) is no small feat. It requires a vast amount of expertise, precision, and a dedicated team of professionals who understand the intricacies of the process. Autogroup International, with over 30 years of experience, has mastered this art. They have successfully converted more than 4500 American-made SUVs, pickup trucks, and muscle cars to meet the specific requirements of countries where right-hand drive is the norm.

Interior GMC Sierra Denali
Right-hand drive 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali Ultimate pickup truck

Why Choose Professional Conversion Over DIY Kits?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) right-hand drive conversion kits may seem like an attractive, cost-effective option, but they fall short in several critical areas. Quality control, safety, and compliance with international regulations are just a few of the aspects that can be compromised when attempting this complex task without professional expertise.

Autogroup International employs a large team of over 175 professionals, including electrical and mechanical engineers, auto electricians, upholsters, fiberglass technicians, welders, lathe operators, painters, HVAC technicians, and steering systems specialists. Each conversion requires between 700 – 1000 new parts, components, and materials, making this a task best left to the experts.

The Autogroup International Team: The Backbone of Successful Conversions

Autogroup International’s success in vehicle conversions can be attributed to its team of skilled engineers who specialize in different aspects of the conversion process. These include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plastic engineering, and experts in reverse engineering. Together, they collaborate to tackle the various challenges involved in converting LHD vehicles to RHD.

Mechanical Engineering: Cornerstone of Conversion Success

The mechanical engineering team is responsible for modifications related to the steering system, brake system, dashboard, HVAC units, and other mechanical components. This team meticulously examines each vehicle, identifies necessary modifications, and designs solutions that ensure optimal performance and safety.

Electrical Engineering: Powering the Conversion

Switching from LHD to RHD requires significant alterations to a vehicle’s electrical system. Autogroup International’s electrical engineering team is an essential cog in the conversion process. They modify and re-engineer electrical components like wiring looms, exterior lighting, airbags, seating controls, door switch panels, and ECM reprogramming.

Right-hand drive Hummer EV SUV

Plastics Engineering: Manufacturing Precision Components

The plastics engineering team plays a significant role in manufacturing modified components for the conversion process. They select suitable plastic materials, conduct research and sample testing, and oversee the production of components like dashboard panels, HVAC units, door switch panels, and other plastic parts.

Engineering Documentation: Ensuring Compliance and Traceability

To ensure that all conversions meet the required standards and requirements, the engineering documentation team meticulously documents the entire process. They also maintain control over engineering-related documents and records, establishing traceability and accountability for each vehicle conversion. Without compliance documentation – the converted vehicle will never pass government inspections and won’t be able to be registered.

The Conversion Process: A Systematic Approach

Autogroup International follows a comprehensive and systematic approach to transforming LHD vehicles into RHD vehicles. This involves multiple stages such as vehicle inspection and research, design and engineering, reverse engineering and prototyping, manufacturing and quality assurance, and compliance and homologation.

Stage 1: Vehicle Inspection and Research

The process begins with a thorough inspection of the vehicle. The engineering team conducts a detailed analysis of the vehicle to assess its feasibility for conversion, taking into account factors like safety, design, and homologation requirements.

Stage 2: Design and Engineering

Once the feasibility study is complete, the team starts the design and engineering phase. This stage involves extensive research and development to ensure that the converted vehicle meets all safety and compliance regulations.

Stage 3: Reverse Engineering and Prototyping

In some cases, reverse engineering is required to modify specific components for the conversion process. Autogroup International’s engineering team utilizes advanced 3D digitizing technology to scan and analyze OEM left-hand drive components.

Stage 4: Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

With the design and prototyping phase complete, Autogroup International moves on to manufacturing the modified components. The engineering team ensures that all parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Stage 5: Compliance and Homologation

Compliance and homologation are crucial aspects of the conversion process. Autogroup International ensures that all converted vehicles meet the required standards for compliance and homologation in over 40 right-hand drive countries.

Autogroup International’s conversion process is a testament to the expertise and dedication of its engineering team. With their extensive knowledge, skills, and attention to detail, they successfully convert American-made SUVs, Muscle Cars, and Pickup Trucks from left-hand drive to right-hand drive.

Right-hand drive GMC Yukon Denali by Autogroup International

A Right-hand drive conversion kit will not work

It is simply impossible and unsafe to use a ‘right-hand drive conversion kit’ and to convert the vehicle in a home garage or even in a mechanical workshop. All owners expect a 100% mirror image conversion, and this is impossible as a DIY project.  If anyone could produce a ‘right-hand drive conversion kit’ for an American SUV, Pickup Truck or Muscle Car – then it would be Autogroup International with our three decades of experience of converting 4500+ vehicles to right-hand drive.


Through meticulous vehicle preparation, comprehensive research and design, precise engineering, and adherence to compliance and homologation regulations, Autogroup International delivers impeccable RHD conversions. Their commitment to innovation, compliance, and customer satisfaction establishes them as a global leader in vehicle conversions. Experience the thrill of driving an American beast in 40+ countries with Autogroup International’s exceptional RHD conversions.