THE CEO luxury right hand drive custom interior by autogroup international

The ‘ceo’ – A Right Hand Drive Gmc Yukon Denali Xl With Luxury Interior​

Meet The CEO by Autogroup International– A stunning right-hand drive GMC Yukon Denali XL with a private jet style, bespoke interior offering extraordinary luxury, comfort, privacy, and functionality typically afforded to heads of state, dignitaries, celebrities, royal families, and senior business leaders and available in over sixty right-hand drive countries.

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A comprehensive retrofit and transformation with no expense spared of the entire rear passenger cabin within a brand-new fully converted right-hand drive GMC Yukon Denali XL with a 4.5” raised roof allowing voluminous rear cabin space with Rolls Royce style starlight headliner and LED halo lighting. We remove the existing middle and rear seats and transform the cabin with 2x premium Maybach-style captain’s chairs, sliding privacy partition with 40” HD TV, Sonos sound system, global 5G communications and the finest quality, handmade interior trim materials.

“The right-hand drive CEO Yukon Denali is the ultimate and most luxurious private jet style rear cabin SUV available in any right-hand drive country worldwide. Discrete, powerful and the ultimate vehicle for global business leaders and dignitaries. Autogroup International is the only automotive manufacturer on the planet capable of offering right-hand drive conversion, luxury CEO interior transformation and armouring – all under one roof with the same team” Rob Hill – CEO and Co-Chairman

Designed and built using Autogroup International‘s three decades of vehicle design, engineering, transformation, and manufacturing expertise; the 2024 ‘CEO’ Yukon Denali XLby Autogroup International delivers a perfect blend of opulent interior features, latest technology, and high performance in a luxury, right-hand drive V8 powered SUV.

Autogroup’s 2024 CEO Yukon Denali XL features:

  • Two custom made premium Maybach-style VIP electric Captain’s chairs with specially sculpted density support foam cushions for exceptional comfort, electric-powered leg rest extension, electric lumber controls, fold out aviation style tables with backwards and forwards adjustment, in-seat massaging and thermoelectric chair heating and cooling.
  • Rear centre adjustable console made of light weight composite materials with LED touchscreen controls for VIP Captain’s chairs, wireless phone charging, USB charging port, drink holders and large capacity storage areas.
  • All seat upholstery matching the GMC Yukon Denali trim with Full Grain leather or customised leather upholstery to client specification.
  • Discreet, hidden, and secure storage compartments within cabin to client specifications.
  • Sliding privacy partition between the front driving cabin and rear compartment moulded to fit the cabin with inbuilt storage and upholstered to match the interior.
  • 40” High-Definition LED monitor mounted within the privacy screen with remote control lowering for driver communications and raising for privacy.
  • Integrated Sonos BEAM Sound bar with Sonos Subwoofer.
  • Front and rear camera discretely externally mounted with image displayed on the cabin TV.
  • Roof raised by 4.5” (11.4 cm) to provide voluminous rear cabin space with suede headliner surrounded by a LED Halo lighting system.
  • Rolls Royce style ‘starlight headliner’ with hundreds of RGBW LED light.
  • Air conditioning system (HVAC) reengineered to optimise air flow.
  • Hands-free intercom system between the driver and rear cabin.
  • Second Skin sound deadening and thermal barrier installed throughout rear compartment to reduce road noise and control temperature.
  • Proprietary wire harness including accessible fuse panels and circuit breakers.
  • LED Red and Blue emergency strobe lights discretely mounted behind the front grille and hideaway LED Strobe lights mounted discretely underneath rear bumper.
  • 100-Watt emergency vehicle siren speaker with multi-function control panel.
  • 10-litre refrigerator fitted into the rear cabin.
  • Internal or externally mounted multi-band antennae for enhanced communications.
  • Peplink MAX BR1 Pro 5G 1 Gbps Router with 2x sim slots.
  • New rear window controls to align with the new seating position.
  • Exterior of vehicle completely de-badged of all OEM branding and logos except discrete CEO badging on the front doors and rear hatch.
  • Exterior of vehicle completely de-chromed with matte-black finish.
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The 2024 ‘CEO’ Yukon Denali XL right-hand drive SUV comes as a four-seat vehicle as standard with the original front driver and passenger seats remaining, but the massive rear cabin is transformed to seat two people in extreme comfort and privacy.  An optional ‘electric jump seat’ can be fitted to the privacy divider creating a four-person private cabin if required.

Luxurious private jet interiors with modern amenities.

Designed, engineered, and built by Autogroup Internationalthe trusted, global leader in the right-hand drive conversion, luxury interior and armouring of American SUVs, Pickup Trucks and Muscle Cars for over three decades.  Our unrivalled reputation for quality, safety and luxury vehicles has been forged from our proven experience of having converted 1000’s of vehicles and exported these worldwide supported by our global 3-year warranty.

The stunning right-hand drive 2024 ‘CEO’ Yukon Denali XL with its private jet style, CEO interior is only available from Autogroup International, and all vehicles are customised for each client to reflect personal preferences and tastes.