Hennessey Velociraptor 5

LMD Magazine – October


Q: Could you briefly tell us about the evolution of Autogroup International?

A: Autogroup International was established in Sri Lanka more than 20 years ago and as a Board of Investment (BOI) business, we have grown from humble beginnings into a talented team of over 150 people that built a global reputation as a world leader in the right-hand drive conversion of American SUVs, pickup trucks and muscle cars.

Q: How has the company’s reputation for being a global leader in left to right-hand drive conversion contributed to its growth?

A: Autogroup International is recognised globally for our high quality, safety and legally compliant right-hand drive conversions, and this reputation has contributed to ever increasing demand for our vehicles from over 40 countries worldwide. With thousands of vehicles safely converted to right-hand drive steering, the underlying ‘magical’ theme that emerges is our teams’ pride in their work.

As Henry Ford said over 100 years ago, “quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” And this is just as relevant today for our complex automotive manufacturing and is inherently embedded into every part of what our talented teams do every day.