The Pride of Automotive manufacturing in Sri Lanka

Why Autogroup is the Pride of Automotive Manufacturing in Sri Lanka

The Pride of Automotive manufacturing in Sri Lanka

One of my greatest joys and indeed the most rewarding phase of my professional life is leading Autogroup International and our team of over 170 talented, passionate Sri Lankans. We are the global leader in the complex engineering and mechanical transformation of American SUVs, Pickup Trucks and Muscle Cars from left-hand drive to right-hand drive.

As I reflect on the immensely skilled, high quality and complex manufacturing work that our team has delivered for 20-years in Sri Lanka, with 1000’s of vehicles safely converted to right-hand drive and regularly exported to over twenty countries the one underlying ‘magical’ theme that emerges is our teams’ pride in their work.

As Henry Ford said over 100-years ago “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”

And this is just as relevant today for our complex automotive manufacturing and it is inherently embedded into every part of what our talented team do every single day.

We actively celebrate our world-class culture, working as ‘one team’ to deal with the complexities of converting vehicles to right hand drive and our teams right across the business exhibit great pride in what we deliver to our clients.

Pride is an impossible business metric to measure, its hard to insert into your management KPI dashboard and cannot be artificially created yet it is a visceral feeling that your sense within our business. Over the past weeks we have had several international clients fly into Sri Lanka to visit our unique and world-class operation – and all have noted the pride our team shows in every aspect of our operation.

A successful business is about its team, not so much its unique business service or its intellectual property; and we are so fortunate that Team AGI is passionate, caring, resourceful and talented…

Rob Hill

Chairman – Autogroup International